KOEN (Kō-en, 公園), Japanese for "Park“, "Public Garden“. 

Nature is our public garden, offering us tranquility and peace at anytime. Nature provides us with healthy food. And it provides us with the most beautiful fibers from plants and animals to create clothes that soothe the body and mind. The aim of KOEN is to bring us close again to this simple connection. 

We use 100% organic fabrics and sewing threads, gathered from plants grown in Europe and surrounding countries. Other sewing supplies, such as buttons or elastic bands, are made of natural materials and are whenever possible fully organic. You will find further information about the materials used in the online description of each piece. Our vision for the future is to go beyond organic and to promote regenerative farming methods for fiber plants in Switzerland and other European countries.

The style of KOEN is relaxed and minimalist, inspired by Japanese aesthetics and a healthy and conscious lifestyle. The clothes are designed to promote well-being in our bodies and to enjoy a clear aesthetic at the same time.

All pieces are made in Switzerland with high-grade finishing.



  • Modeco, Schweizerische Fachschule für Mode und Gestaltung, Zurich, Switzerland (clothing production)
  • TTS Inova AG, Thayngen, Switzerland (cord string production)
  • Sticktech GmbH, Balgach, Switzerland (label printing)